Vilsi Srl was born in 2011 from the twenty-year experience of Valerio Bencivenni, gained as an individual firm in the forage trade since 1993, then specialized in the transport sector. Commitment and effort have brought great results over the years and the company has grown thanks to the help of his wife Irene, his partner, and a team of collaborators.
The values that guided the management of the company were clear from the beginning: professionalism, hard work and reliability. We assure customer satisfaction by our efficiency and dependability of the services performed. Work in the forage sector is still active and one of the strong points of the company that has allowed it to build lasting relationships with important collaborators thanks to mutual trust and availability. The other side of the company’s core business is road transport at a national and international level.

Vilsi Srl has grown because it is able to adapt to customer requests, today it has a great variety of services and types of vehicles.
The headquarters is in San Matteo della Decima and it covers an area of 18,000 square meters which includes administration offices, warehouses, and vehicle parking area. Just a few kilometers away, the company has multiple covered warehouses (a total of 6000 square meters) for storage of goods and our operational and logistics department.