Within the area of about 30,000 square metres, completely fenced off and controlled by anti-intrusion systems, stands the new WAREHOUSE complex (20,000 square metres) equipped with new-concept facilities. This allows us to offer customers ad hoc projects for the storage of different types of materials and goods storage, guaranteeing a high standard of safety, quality and efficiency of services.

Our third party warehouse service is the perfect solution for you and includes:


  • Temporary storage of goods awaiting handling
  • Long term storage of goods with scheduled handling
  • Receipt, loading and unloading of goods
  • Complete service of storage and preparation of goods for shipment


Tools and equipment are the most precious assets for a private individual or company. Finding the perfect solution to be able to keep them safe when not needed is essential.



Outsourcing warehouse management means greater flexibility in managing stocks and inventories.
Fixed costs for the purchase and maintenance of structures, machinery, and personnel are covered by the owner of the warehouse.


Warehouse management requires efficient procedures for goods receiving, storage, internal handling, sorting, shipping and delivery. Only those who work in the Logistics sector are able to manage a warehouse without inefficiencies


Warehouse management is not limited to the custody of goods, ensuring their integrity but requires the execution of essential complementary activities such as labeling, packaging, internal handling. The warehouse for third parties includes these activities.

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